Friday, February 11, 2011

CNY Hamper Reflections

Our class was asked to make hamper for the elderly as a service learning project. The class had forked out a sum of money to buy some specially picked foodstuff we had chosen among the dozens of ideas. They are healthy and suitable products for the elderly. Then, we sent a team of pupils to buy the food and wrapped up hamper. We kept to our budget of $115 and finally finished the hamper. We were extremely happy with the hamper and hoped the elderly would love it too.

We did not let them miss out on the festive spirit and make their Chinese New Year a memorable one. I think the recipients would be happy because they got some things they may not be able to afford or they think its too expensive. They may also save up their money for some more important things such as medical fees, traveling, and many other situations.

Our next step could be to help them clean up or decorate their houses, donate some money, so their lives would be a lot easier and they can live in a place with a nice atmosphere.

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