Monday, January 17, 2011

Orientation Week Reflections :D

The 3 most memorable memories of the Orientation week are the first day of school when i was nervous about how the school would be like. I also enjoyed campfire night where our class were in high spirits and the badge ceremony where i felt honored to be welcomed into the SST family.

The 3 saddest moments are when trying the rock-climbing during the camp, I slowed down my two partners that i was strapped to when I cannot get any proper footing on the 'rocks' and was forced to give up. I was also disappointed when i left the camp and forgotten to bring the file on the first lesson.

I learnt that teamwork is very important, and we can accomplish anything if we are determined. I also learnt that we have to let go of things and move on.

I learnt that I actually am not as afraid of heights as i thought and have some weaknesses like others.

I look forward to sports day and the school Bazaar, which sounds like GREAT FUN!

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