Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Maths Algebra Puzzle

My Solution:

Apple: 48 = 3 apples
           16 = 1 apple

Pen: 39 = 2 apples + 1 pen
        32 = 2 apples
        7 = 1 pen

Ladybug: 35 = 2 apples + 1 ladybug
                32 = 2 apple
                3 = 1 ladybug

Apple: 16
Pen: 7
Ladybug: 3

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My EL Crossword Puzzle(EATING)! MUST Try!

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sec 1 Performance Task Reflection

A)Statistics in Real-Life

First, let me explain the term statistics. Statistics is the 'science' of collecting, organizing, interpretation and using of data. In simpler words, it is data collection, data organization and data interpretation. Data collection is the act of collecting data, by going through surveys, studies, and tests to collect a set of data. Then, we put them in a table, chart, or graph, which is data organization. Finally, we can use the data to interpret, and find a result.

In school, we learn statistics, especially in Mathematics. But statistics can fall in almost any subject, in Science we use charts and graphs to present our findings, in Innovation and Enterprise, we can use statistics to help us present survey results to see what's the trend now. There are so many ways you can use statistics! Statistics also contribute a great part in real life.

Statistics are very common in real life, appearing everywhere in newspapers, surveys, reports and many other situations. They come in all shapes and colours, from rectangular bar graphs to circular pie charts.  We use statistics in our daily lives, and without them, life would be very tough. Statistics play an important role in our lives, and imagine if there was no such thing as statistics? We would not be able to see the amount of precious water we are using, leading to water shortages and a drop in population. We would not be able to check trends in the society and companies would collapse, leading to a higher number of jobless people. We would not be able to check the patterns of economy change, leading to people losing money in stocks, leading to poverty. Many people think that statistics is not such a big thing, but small changes may lead to huge losses.

Here are some examples of statistics in real-life. A chart or graph is commonly seen when comparing popularity, number or percentage of two or more objects. For example, a common sight is seeing a pie chart representing the percentage of sea water to salt water. An example of a bar graph is when we compare the sales of fruit in a month. We can also use tables to organize data. An example of a table is a frequency table, where you want to check the frequency of how many times or people did something. For example, we could see which number of points a team scores every match is most frequent. Statistics are mainly used to make a point, like, "Therefore, tomatoes are most popular among our customers"

Three ways to interpret data is to find the mean, median and mode. To find mean is to add up all the data and divide it to the number of data. It is like average. Median is the

However, statistics is not always true. It is said that around 42% of all statistics are made up, or are just estimated. Other than that, the world is changing constantly, people are born, people pass away, temperature changes rapidly, and new species of animals are discovered every day. So, there is no right or wrong statistics. This can lead to misunderstanding and miscalculation. Though most mistakes are not serious, we still have to be careful when reading statistics.

In conclusion, statistics play an important part in our lives but there are false information too. Being able to read statistics well can give you many benefits, but we also have to be careful not to get wrong information.

B) Learning Experience
I had a great time working with my group in the Mathematics performance task. I felt that every single one of my group members did a great job. We showed great teamwork, great friendship, and the most important, great joy. We had great fun while pinpointing bus services, designing the poster and finally finishing it. There were times where some problems occurred, such as when we found the data not recorded at the same time. We also had problems deciding the title, because, to our horror, we remembered that the data was recorded before the GE 2011, which did not match our previous title. But we worked as a team, using all the skills and knowledge we had to face the challenges. I think everyone did a successful contribution to our end product.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Chapter 2: Real Numbers - Rational Numbers

No, I do not agree. Some of the fractions like 3/6(equals to 0.5) and 6/6(equals to 1) are not recurring decimals, they are terminating decimals. So Janice is wrong. This is an example.

Math Activity 2

This may be very small, sorry!
2). Using your completed multiplication table, complete the following sentences:
(a) A positive number multiplied by another positive number gives a (positive) answer.
(b) A negative number multiplied by another negative number gives a (positive answer.
(c) A positive number multiplied by a negative number gives a (negative) answer.
(d) A negative number multiplied by a positive number gives a (negative) answer.
3)3. Complete the following
(+) x (+) = +
(-) x (-) = +
(+) x (-) = -
(-) x (+) = -

(+) / (+) = +
(-) / (-) = +
(+) / (-) = -
(-) / (+) = -

Friday, February 11, 2011

CNY Hamper Reflections

Our class was asked to make hamper for the elderly as a service learning project. The class had forked out a sum of money to buy some specially picked foodstuff we had chosen among the dozens of ideas. They are healthy and suitable products for the elderly. Then, we sent a team of pupils to buy the food and wrapped up hamper. We kept to our budget of $115 and finally finished the hamper. We were extremely happy with the hamper and hoped the elderly would love it too.

We did not let them miss out on the festive spirit and make their Chinese New Year a memorable one. I think the recipients would be happy because they got some things they may not be able to afford or they think its too expensive. They may also save up their money for some more important things such as medical fees, traveling, and many other situations.

Our next step could be to help them clean up or decorate their houses, donate some money, so their lives would be a lot easier and they can live in a place with a nice atmosphere.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Orientation Week Reflections :D

The 3 most memorable memories of the Orientation week are the first day of school when i was nervous about how the school would be like. I also enjoyed campfire night where our class were in high spirits and the badge ceremony where i felt honored to be welcomed into the SST family.

The 3 saddest moments are when trying the rock-climbing during the camp, I slowed down my two partners that i was strapped to when I cannot get any proper footing on the 'rocks' and was forced to give up. I was also disappointed when i left the camp and forgotten to bring the file on the first lesson.

I learnt that teamwork is very important, and we can accomplish anything if we are determined. I also learnt that we have to let go of things and move on.

I learnt that I actually am not as afraid of heights as i thought and have some weaknesses like others.

I look forward to sports day and the school Bazaar, which sounds like GREAT FUN!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Communication is extremely important as without it, people cannot share their thoughts, joy, anger and grief. Then, the people of the world would be minding their own business, and they would be selfish. Even worse, if a disaster is about to happen, no one could warn each other and generations will be lost.

My favorite forms of communications are verbal and body language. Verbal communication is the most basic form of communication, and since we learn our languages, why don’t we use it?. I am a kinetic learner, so i also like to move when i talk and use body language.

I decide by the type of people i am talking to, like if the person is deaf or has difficulty hearing, i would use more hand language. If i want to talk to someone far away, I would text, chat or email them.

I have difficulties when talking to a person who speaks another language, which is rare, because English is the universal language and most people know basic English. I also have difficulties communicating to those that are blind and deaf.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 1 Mac Attack 1 - Activity 4: End-of-Day Reflection

1) I have played many fun games to get to know my classmate better and of course, my form teacher, Ms Lim. I have also discussed with my new friends and teacher about the core values of SST, the 3R's, which are roles,rights and responsibilities. We also did a gallery walk to get to see our friends work and get some new ideas. We also learn the school cheers and dance. Last but not least, the teacher gave us a talk and a Macbook activity about how to protect and use the Macbook properly.
2)I have learnt the the meaning of the three Rs, Roles, Rights and Responsibilities. I have also learnt the proper way to use and protect the Macbook, or the learning device. This has really been a fruitful and fun day!
3)I chose to come to SST because it uses modern technology to make our learning experience more fun and equips us with useful technology skills when we go out to the society, where people are getting more reliant on technology. It also emphasizes on science and technology, which I am interested in.
4) My aspirations as a member of the SST family is that I can bring glory to the school. I also hope that I would learn a lot from the new learning approach and score well for my exams.

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