Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Communication is extremely important as without it, people cannot share their thoughts, joy, anger and grief. Then, the people of the world would be minding their own business, and they would be selfish. Even worse, if a disaster is about to happen, no one could warn each other and generations will be lost.

My favorite forms of communications are verbal and body language. Verbal communication is the most basic form of communication, and since we learn our languages, why don’t we use it?. I am a kinetic learner, so i also like to move when i talk and use body language.

I decide by the type of people i am talking to, like if the person is deaf or has difficulty hearing, i would use more hand language. If i want to talk to someone far away, I would text, chat or email them.

I have difficulties when talking to a person who speaks another language, which is rare, because English is the universal language and most people know basic English. I also have difficulties communicating to those that are blind and deaf.

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